Harrison in Seancody Harrison April 17, 2012 Muscles, Solo

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“So, youre really blushing… do you always find glowing red?” “Yeah, a great deal,” Harrison responsed. “For the most part Im really timid, but when Im horny or embarrassed I get all flustered!” “And what exactly are you now?” “A tiny bit of both! “You can definitely tell he was a bit flustered as he fumbled around taking off his shorts. But once they came off… well it was worth the wait!Harrison includes a large, perky, bubble butt! “Wow! Your ass is enormous!” “Thanks…” he responded as he turned bright crimson again.As we have punished I couldnt help but note that Harrison was dripping a lot of precum… so much that he was using it as lube. “Um, thats a good deal of precum!” “Yeah,” he laughed. “Its quite embarrassing when I begin leaking in class. I get up and there’s a wet spot in my trousers! “Harrison is in school trying to get the most from life and benefiting from what adventures come his way.He includes a tattoo which explains his philosoply. “One life, 1 chance,” he explained as he revealed it . “I got it as a reminder to always consider risks, and never to repay!” “That should be what brought you here today then?” “That along with an opportunity to play with my balls!” He responded. Harrisons balls were large and he liked to yank them a great deal. When he arrived, he shot all the way into his own face! “Does it hit you in the mouth” “Once or twice… maybe three times,” he explained. His lips instantly got red again!

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